Numeracy workshop


It’s been great to have parents in with us at the school today to share in the learning of numeracy at Milton of Leys.

As well as the school blog, please remember you can find important information relating to numeracy on

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the school! Thank you




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Marvellous Maths Morning!

Thank you to all those who came to our Marvellous Maths Morning on Wednesday. We had over 70 people attend.

Thank you also to all the children and staff who worked so hard to make the morning such a success.

As always, any feedback would be greatly appreciated –

What were the successes of the morning?

What could we do better?

Would a maths afternoon be something that people would like to have?

Here are just some of the photographs from the morning. Thank you to Jenny for taking them!

Miss Bate

DSCN4582 DSCN4584 DSCN4585 DSCN4586 DSCN4587 DSCN4588 DSCN4589 DSCN4592 DSCN4593 DSCN4595 DSCN4596 DSCN4598 DSCN4602 DSCN4603 DSCN4605 DSCN4606 DSCN4607 DSCN4608 DSCN4610 DSCN4611 DSCN4612 DSCN4614 DSCN4615 DSCN4616 DSCN4617 DSCN4618 DSCN4621 DSCN4622


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Basic Facts Multiplication Practise Sheets

A few parents have asked for examples of the  knowledge practise sheets that the children do every Friday.

I have adapted the multiplication sheets and they can be found  below.

Remember to practise them over and over again as the children have to get at least 18 out of 20 in a minute.

Also, the sheets that the children will get on Fridays will be different!

Happy practising!

Recall 2 x table – Sheet 1 – Homework

division homework – 2 x table

Recall 3 x table – Sheet 1 – homework

Recall 4 x table – Sheet 1 – Homework

Recall 5 x table – Sheet 1 Homework

Recall 6 x table – Sheet 1 – Homework

Recall 7 x table – Sheet 1 – Homework

Recall 8 x table – Sheet 1 – homework

Recall 9 x table – Sheet 1 – homework

Recall 10 x table – Sheet 1 – Homework

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Thank You!

We would like to thank all the parents who were able to come to our information sessions regarding our approach to Numeracy. We hope that you found it informative. We certainly valued the comments and questions posed.

The presentation can be found on the New Zealand Maths page. I have just removed slides which showed clips of children.

As was mentioned at the meeting, next term we will invite parents into the classrooms to see how our approach works, hold workshops and send out a booklet detailing how you can support your child at home.

Watch this space!

Sue Bate

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New Zealand Maths Information Meeting

We will holding  Maths Information Sessions regarding our new approach to learning and teaching in this subject on Wednesday, 20th November.  The first session will start at 1.30pm and finish just before 3.00pm.

The second session  (which will be a repeat of the first session) will be in the evening. We will be starting at 7.00pm and will be finished by 8.30pm.

The meetings will be informative and fun! We will share our new programme for mathematics as well as the thinking behind it. We will also have fun activities for you to try . We also hope to have children talking about their experiences using this  programme so far. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

You should have received a letter informing you of the meetings. Please return the slip saying that you are coming. If you have not received one, just come anyway!!


Sue Bate

Acting Deputy Head Teacher

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Welcome to our BRAND new Maths Blog

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